Dream Riders: suspense, thriller, horror, paranormal by Taylor Kole

What if a couple could manipulate dreams and allow anyone to dream anything in astonishing clarity? What if we could uncover and encourage our deepest desires through dreams?

Dream Riders: suspense, thriller, horror, paranormal by Taylor Kole
Image used based on author's permission

What if I told you that's already happening, and it has for millennia.

Corey and Marci guide dreams. They tell client's they use lights, sounds, and physical manipulation, but they actually have a talent, Dream Riding. When they start this service of Dream Riding, everything seems to be going great, until they discover a Being inside a disturbed mind, and it sees them, too.

The quest to build a better life for their daughter and understand this Being are thwarted by the client's growing obsession with controlling them and their talent.

And that may be the lesser of their worries, as it becomes clear the Being is malevolent, determined to wipe them out, and possibly as old as existence.

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