Kindle Won't Charge: 5 Ways to Fix It

Kindle charging is among those things that give people a lot of headaches. People also wonder what they can do to fix this situation. Are you wondering how to fix kindle that won't charge? You do not have to worry as you will find all the answers here.

Kindle Won't Charge: 5 Ways to Fix It
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The biggest reason as to why people love kindle is because of its long-lasting battery function. To extend the kindle functionality, you need to keep it safe and protected. This is why special attention is necessary.

There are quite a several reasons as to why your kindle won't charge. Below are these problems accompanied by potential solutions on why kindle fire won't charge when plugged in.

Fix for a Kindle that won't Charge

Cable does not match the kindle device

The cable wire you are using should match the kindle device. If not, then the kindle won't charge. You can use other devices to test whether it will work on them. By doing this, you will also be warming the USB jack that helps charge the kindle.

Solution: if the USB jack is loose, applying a little pressure on the jack. The charge indicator light should turn on. If it does not, you may need to get a new cable, which is the best option to go for in such a situation.

Wrong adapter

Are you sure that you are using the right adapter for the kindle? Buy a kindle power adapter, one that will not fail you. How do you know what adapter fits your kindle? Simple! Check the back of your kindle. Here you will get all the information about the voltage, the current electric current required and much more if your kindle fire won't charge when plugged in.

Solution: change the kindle power adapter and buy another one that will fit properly. This will fix the problem if the kindle won't charge.

Broken port

Of course, you do not expect the kindle to charge if its port is broken. If the kindle port is broken, you will need professional help to fix it back.

Solution: take it to a repair shop for soldering. If you can do it yourself, there is no need to visit the electronic repair shop for fixing.

Broken battery

If your kindle fire won't charge when plugged in, it is now time to get a new battery. However, when it comes to replacing these batteries, some people see it as a challenge. For you to replace this battery, you will need some information so that you do not buy the wrong battery. This process does not have any warranty, and you, therefore, need to be careful.

Solution: replace the battery. You can contact someone to help you replace the battery. You can also replace it yourself.

Dead battery

Long time use of kindle will kill the battery with time. A dead battery is not something you would not want to battle. How will you fix a kindle that won't charge because the battery is dead?

Solution: first of all, do not let the battery drain out. Even when you have not been using it for some time, ensure that you remember to charge it. When charging, do not use it or try turning it on. By doing this, your kindle battery will come back to life again.

Checklist of Things that Causes Kindle not to Charge

  • Cable does not match the kindle device
  • Wrong adapter
  • Broken port
  • Broken battery
  • Dead battery

Final Thoughts on Fixing a Kindle that won't Charge

If your kindle fire won't charge when plugged in, it is good to look for a reason as to why this is happening. Fix the issue using the recommended solutions, and you are good to go. Now you know how to how to fix kindle that won't charge. All the best.

Why kindle won’t charge and how to fix it

How to solve kindle won’t charge problem

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