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Getting Along by Apple Sophia Lim

Book Summary

Getting Along by Apple Sophia Lim
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Getting Along is a self-help book written by Apple Sophia Lim. Delving into the fundamentals of effective communication, this book explores how we can form stronger, more meaningful relationships with others by better understanding them. After spending many years running a model and talent agency, as well as countless other people and value-related jobs, Apple has gained a profound insight into the nature of how we communicate.

With reference to why communication is so important, how to develop better listening skills, and how we can deal with toxic relationships, this book offers powerful and practical strategies for gaining deeper insights into the nature of relationships. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their social skills, communication skills, and form stronger bonds.

Author Bio

Apple Sophia Lim is an Author, Coach and Entrepreneur. Having worked across countless industries and as the previous owner of a model and talent agency, Apple has developed a detailed and profound knowledge of what it takes to better communicate with people and form lasting, meaningful relationships. She was born in Singapore and lives there with her wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters.

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