How does Audible Work?

Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon and it comes with different numerous benefits. It is one of the largest audiobook services available. If you are looking for the article that will answer ‘how does Audible work?’ question, you are in the right place.

How does Audible Work?
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The audiobook network is one of the best out there, they boast of audiobooks you will hardly find elsewhere. Aside from this, Audible offers members sweet deals and wonderful packages on daily bases, aside from their monthly subscriptions.

What is Audible Audiobook Service?

Audible is an audiobook service that provides members with opportunity of accessing millions of audiobooks. The audiobook network has a massive database where members can access them through their apps, which they do by getting Audible credits.

One sweet thing about Audible is that audiobooks purchased from them are yours forever. This is different from what some other audiobook services offer.

How much does Audiobook Costs?

Due to Amazon’s terms of service, we won’t be able to list out their pricing model.

You will be given one credit for subscribing to their gold monthly package, which can be used to buy one audiobook of your choice.

Here is Audible subscription plan:
  • Gold Monthly
  • Gold Annual
  • Platinum Monthly
  • Platinum Annual
  • Audible Escape Subscription

Gold Monthly

With Audible gold monthly plan, you get one credit which you can use in purchasing one audiobook of your choice and keep forever.

Gold Annual

The gold annual plan gives you 12 credits in a year which can be used in purchasing audiobooks.

Platinum Monthly

With the platinum monthly subscription, you get two credits each month to purchase any two books of your choice.

Platinum Annual

The platinum annual plan comes with 24 credits to be used in purchasing audiobooks of your choice.

Audible Escape Subscription

The Audible escape subscription does not give credits, rather, you are given the chance to borrow up to 10 romance books at a time, and you can more when you return the one you borrowed. Here, you don’t own the books, therefore, you don’t get to keep the books forever.

How do you use Audible?

In order to use Audible, you must sign up for an Amazon account, however, if you have one before, you can sign up with the account. Download the Audible app which is compatible with devices that has iOS, Android and Windows.

Is Audible free with Amazon Prime?

You might ask, is Audible free with Amazon Prime? The answer is no. Audible is not free with Amazon Prime, although you get to access some Audible Originals, and through Prime Reading, you will get some numbers of Prime audiobooks.

How to Cancel Audible Membership

As part of the information on how Audible works, it is important you know how to cancel your subscription plan with Amazon.

In order to cancel an Audible subscription plan, follow these instructions:
  1. Navigate to the “Account Detail” page. This is listed on the dropdown menu under your name. Click on it.
  2. Click on “Cancel membership”
  3. You will be asked if you are sure of your decision to cancel, press cancel. You will then be notified of your cancellation.
NOTE: If you cancel any of Audible membership plans (monthly or annual), you can still use your credit(s) to purchase any audiobook of your choice. It should be noted that you won’t be refunded.

Final Thoughts on ‘How does Audible Work?’

Although, there are some free audiobook services out there that provide free audiobooks. However, Audible remains one of the best as they provide members with wide options of books.

With this, you should know how audible works, and we should have been able to answer your question – how does Audible work?

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