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What is a Free Verse Poem?

Many of us love poems, in fact, if you are here on this page, it is because you love poem. However, many don’t really know what a free verse poem means. In this article, we shall answer your question on – what is a free verse poem?

What is a Free Verse Poem?
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A free verse poem is a kind of poem that does not follow poetry rules of any sort. The writing styles, preferences and creation is all left for the poet to decide.

In writing a free verse poem, the stanzas, line, length, rhymes and more are not bound to any poetry rules. Rather, they follow rules set by their respective authors.

The fact that a free verse poem does not follow a poetry rule does not imply that they do not have artistic expression. Of course, they provide artistic expressions just like other poems.

Another wrong impression people have about free verse poems is that they don’t have rhymes, rhythms, alliterations like other poems. They actually do; the only difference is that they are not bound to rules set for a particular kind of poem.

Features of Free Verse Poems

Having known what a free verse poem is, let’s quickly take a look at the features of a free verse poem.
  • Free verse poem is also known as ‘vers libre’ which are French words that mean ‘free verse’.
  • Free verse poem do not follow a proper rhyme a proper rhyme scheme (there is no rule that disctates their rhyme scheme)
  • All poems that are free verse do not have a regular meter or regular rhytm
  • Unlike poems that are bound by rules, free verse poems are based on natural rhythmical pauses as created by the poet

How do I Write a Free Verse Poem

Now that you the answer to the question ‘What is a free verse poem?’ you can now learn how you can easily write free verse poem. How do I write a free verse poem?
  • Think of a topic (you can think of any topic at all, which may include an individual, a previous experience, family, life, death, physical thing, abstract things among others.
  • Write based on your inspiration

Final Thoughts on ‘What is a Free Verse Poem?’

By now, you should have a better knowledge and understanding of what a free verse poem means. They do not conform to any poetry rule; that however, does not rid them of their artistic value.

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