Amazon Best Sellers for Free

Today I am offering three of my Amazon Best Seller published books for only $1. Yes, for only $1.

Your donations  will help Covid 19 victims and families who are seriously experiencing economic turmoil, brokenness, death and future peril.

Amazon Best Sellers for Free

Here are some issues these victims and families are facing:

1. Rejection from receiving healthcare - No Insurance.

2. Lost their job or source of income.

3.  Struggling to maintain a healthy home.

4. Can't afford medication - High Prescription Cost.

5. Facing death and peril.

6. Family displacement or separation.

7. Much more..

​My  books are sold by book companies nationwide and internationally including:

​1. Barnes and Nobles

2. Amazon

3. Booktopia

4. Thriftbooks

5. Kindle

6. Booksdepository

7. Global Higher Education Institute


9. Much more...

Note: Google search my books and recognize how these books are making a difference and impact on the lives of many nationwide and internationally.

​You may go to the listed book companies website and type, "Lester Reid" into their search box to locate my books. These books are sold in many different languages nationwide and  internationally.

This $1 offer may end within 48 hours. Help me to help these victims and families. A change and blessing may come your way, give today.

​Click on the "Click Here To Donate" button  above to instant download your $1 Best Seller Book today to your Phone, iPad, Computer and other technology.

When you donate today you are making a difference in someone's life. I'm making a great sacrifice and offer for individuals who are experiencing Covid 19 crisis medically and personally. Help me to help them and your life may experience a great positive change sometime this year.

​Thank you and God bless you.

Dr. Lester Reid

Click to Get these Book: BUY MY $1 BOOKS HERE

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