Best Audiobook App for Android and iPhone

Here, we will let you know the best audiobook apps out there that you can download on your android, iPhone and iPad.

Best Audiobook App for Android and iPhone
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With an audiobook app, you can read your book anywhere you find yourself, so far you are with your phone. No wonder people are really going for audiobook these days.

You can easily lay your hands on your favorite author’s book or your favorite book out there. Great for both fictional books as well as non-fictional books.

The fact that you can read them anywhere makes them a good fit and gives them an edge in that aspect over regular books. Their easy accessibility makes them a smart and great choice for readers.

All you need is a smartphone to listen to them. You don’t need a CD player, neither do you need a CD. All you need is the app on your phone and you are ready to read all your favorite books.

Without taking much of your time, let us quickly move to the best audiobook apps you can download on your android or IOS smartphone.

Best Audiobook Apps to Download on your Android and IOS Devices


Audible is a smart choice for many audiobook lovers, thanks to its vast archive and resources. Audible boasts of about 500,000 book titles for its numerous audiobook subscribers.

With Audible, you get to choose how you get your audiobook – either by buying or through their subscription. The Audible app can be downloaded for free and another plus to it is that does not show ads.

Also, you don’t have to be online to access your books, you can always listen to them when you are offline.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is another app worth mentioning on our best audiobooks app for android and iPhone. Google launched their audiobook app not too long, but they also have thousands of books in their inventory.

Their model is the buying method; you don’t have to purchase subscription service. All you need to do is to buy a book, and you own it.

An additional feature of Google Play Books is that you get to preview an audiobook before purchasing it. It is available on android, IOS and web. is a cloud based audiobook platform that is a favorite to many audiobook readers. The platform has about 200,000 books (as at 2020), no wonder it found its way into our best audiobook apps.

The app is great for both audiobooks beginner and pro; thanks to its awesome features. The features. The features include sleep timer, playback speed, auto bookmarking, cross-device synchronization and more.


Librivox is a freemium audiobook app that gives you free access to over 25,000 audiobooks and paid access to over 75,000 audiobooks. Their free audiobooks are classics that have become available in the US public domain.

With Librivox, you have an audiobook app that makes it easier for you to access and manage your audiobooks. Also, you can connect your Bluetooth device while enjoying your favorite book.

Kobo Books

With Kobo Books, you have another great audiobook app that you can get your books from. The app gives you access to thousands of audiobooks and eBook to choose from.

Another great feature of Kobo Books is that you have the cross-platform feature; other features include chapter navigation, playback speed, snooze timer and more.

Checklist of the Best Audiobooks for Android and IOS Devices

  • Audible
  • Google Play Books
  • Librivox
  • Kobo Books

Final Thoughts on the Best Audiobooks for Android and IOS Devices

Let’s hear what you think about our list of the best audiobook apps for android and IOS devices. Audiobook is the trend these days and if you are planning to join in, then you should consider any of them.

Do you know any other audiobook worth mentioning? Let us know in the comment section.

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