Best Manga Apps for Android and IOS

This article discusses the three best manga apps for android and IOS. Manga has been the most popular and exciting form of storytelling in the humble land of japan since the 19th century.

Best Manga Apps for Android and IOS
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Appealing to the people of all ages consisting of various genre of content with its unique illustration; the Manga culture has risen in popularity and craze in the rest of the world in the past decade.

If you are looking to start your manga experience, here are the names of the best manga apps for android and the best manga apps for iOS iPhone iPad users with their pros and cons;

Best Manga Reader Apps:

1. Shonen Jump Manga and Comics (Android and iOS)

With the highest rating of all manga readers in both App store and google play store; Shonen jump has the quickest and most functional interface with minimum bugs. Some might say it’s the best manga reader with a paid subscription. The updates are on time for both Japanese Raw & English subtitle, the app runs clean almost all of the time and it is also available for free user but it has very annoying restrictions for free version plus the content available is only for Shonen jump series. It might be the best paid manga app but there are free alternatives that are equally good.

2. Manga Rock (Android)

Manga Rock is one of the best manga apps for android. It has millions of downloads under its belt on Play Store featuring thousands of manga titles of multiple genres. The user interface is amazing, easy to get use to and functions perfectly almost every time. The load time is quick & responsive, plus it's free to use & download but you might have to bear with few add popup or you can get a premium membership to remove the adds. This manga rocks will follow your reading preferences and recommend titles accordingly.

It supports various browsing and orientation modes, with standard features such as bookmarks and favorites. Manga Rock are known for their excellent customer service and quick updates which can't be said for other apps in the android platform. The only issues this app is known for is different countries have different sources hence some users may be limited to the manga comics available on the platform based on where they live.

3. Manga Zone (iOS)

With a 4.5 rating in the App store from hundreds of users, Manga Zone might be the best manga apps for iOS iPhone iPad users. The user interface is friendly and looks appealing but note that there are other apps with faster interface and are more efficient but they have various restriction for free user and try to force you for a paid subscription or their content is limited for few genres whereas manga zone is free with few add popups with more than 15000 manga titles that have been translated in English. This app is developed for the enthusiastic manga community hence, unlike other apps you have the ability to connect and chat with other fans while reading the chapter plus, signing in with a social media account is also easy and painless. The app might be little buggy and updates may be a few hours late but most of the time it runs clean and for a patient user it is the best manga reader in the market, which also happens to be absolutely free.

Checklist of Best Manga Apps for Android

  1.  Shonen Jump Manga and Comics (Android and iOS)
  2. Manga Rock (Android)
  3. Manga Zone (iOS)


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