Can Kindle Books be Shared?

Kindle reading materials are some of the best and most user-friendly gifts to mankind. You can carry all your books around in just one Kindle unit. No heavy hardbound books to lug around from one location to another. The question however is, can kindle books be shared?

Can Kindle Books be Shared?
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Can kindle books be shared?

Another valuable thing about kindle is that you can share your books.

There are a lot of Kindle devices for sharing, Kindle e-ink units, kindle desktop, kindle tablets, kindle for android, kindle for IOS. It is a whole amazing kindle kind of magic world. This answers the question:

Can I have a kindle book for more than one device or on one another's device?

For LOANING, it is usually just once per book, for 14 days. Then your specific book will get locked up under your account. No more loaning after that because most Kindle publishers have strict restrictions about LOANING.

Amazon exclaims that when you loan out your kindle book, you yourself cannot read that book for the next two weeks (14 days). So make sure you have read the book thoroughly yourself.

Amazon doesnt announce or advertise to the public that you can share your kindle books. But it is a little big secret that can be done that is a pleasant surprise to bookworms.

Go to the Amazon website. Then to Accounts and Lists. Then to Your Content and Devices. Choose that book you want to loan out and send it the email address of the recipient.

This is just like letting your friend borrow a book from your bookshelf and you cannot read that particular book for 14 days.

Again. Can kindle books be shared?

Yes. But it is a different situation when SHARING your kindle pieces with FAMILY and FRIENDS. You can share up to 6 individuals UNDER YOUR ACCOUNT. That's generous already so don't complain. Making 6 people in your circle happy by sharing your kindle materials with them.

Imagine, if those 6 people will also share their kindle books with you, that will have a multiplier

effect. Generosity begets generosity. A bookworm makes a fellow bookworm happy in this digital age of social distancing. And plenty of solitude time demands for a lot of kindle books!

Once the kindle book is LOANED or SHARED, it could be read by the recipient from any free kindle app on a smart phone or tablet or from

It is also worth mentioning that loaning or sharing a kindle title involves a lot of trust. The loaner or borrower can purchase from Amazon any book using the account of the original book purchaser. There will be a lot of fraud possibilities so the account owner better watch out.

In this time and age, any book reader worth his salt can read all he want. Printed books, ebooks, pdf, epub, kindle. All kinds of format. It is just that kindle is so institutionalized by Amazon. With all the copywrights and patents. Everything you read on kindle you are guaranteed that the writer got paid for his writing efforts. If you are concerned with plagiarism and the writer's rights and privileges, then kindle is the reading platform for you.

KINDLE UP and curl up. Enjoy!


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