Broken Vessels by Brenda Hill

Broken Vessels by Brenda Hill

There are two ways to salvation: you either find grace or grace finds you. Whichever would be your lot, it all begins with appreciating God for the gift of life and direction. Finding the path to faith has no age and time; it is always an abundant option that we continually cease to appreciate.

Broken Vessels by Brenda Hill

However, in fervent reminders lies the path to the salvation of many more. This is the essence of this book; a reminder from a Christian who has found the grace to level up faith. This book, therefore, becomes a must-read for any soul seeking redemption.

The author, through her story of acceptance, shared her vain journey through pain as she refused to commit her life to the hands of the Most High. In the pages of these stories, she takes us through the gift and the manifestation of dreams and how listening intently to God's voice within us can lead us to the land of our salvation.

For so many of us, we are blinded to the light and deaf to the calling of God because of the lives of sins that we have chosen to live. We see seas of sin and we walk right into them because we lack the guidance of the spirit.God is all-encompassing and He is ever ready to steer the ship of whoever gives Him the wheel. The beginning of a fulfilled life is the acceptance of His words and guidance.

Get this awesome book here - Broken Vessels by Brenda Hill

This is a book that teaches the reader about acceptance and submission, the two elements that signal the beginning of a life of salvation. When we make decisions, do we ask God for direction, or do we just dive right into it with our own wisdom? For those of us who call ourselves believers and still dive right into situations without seeking God’s guidance, how far have these decisions taken us? There is no true guidance except that of the Lord, the Most High.

Learning to steer away from sin, finding the gift of dream and walking the path to eternal salvation; these and more are the lessons that have been captured on the pages of this book. Lessons that have been illustrated by the real-life experience of the author. This book, therefore, is proof of the magnanimity of God in guiding a repentant and obedient sinner. God is bigger than all of your fears; reading this book is the beginning of knowing this.

Get this awesome book here - Broken Vessels by Brenda Hill

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