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Humanoid Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Robert J Allen

Humanoid Artificial Intelligence (AI): The short life of an artificial intelligent humanoid robot that is both loved and hated. Kindle Edition by Robert J Allen 

Humanoid Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Robert J Allen

Set in the future. ADAM is a humanoid created by a genius called Dr Fisher. ADAM starts off as an android but is later enhanced by Dr Fisher into a humanoid. As a humanoid ADAM is super intelligent and nearly looks and acts human.

ADAM becomes famous as a result of some of the things he does. Fame, power and riches attract hatred from some of the population. Damien, the Head of International AI, loathes him. Not only has ADAM wrecked his earning potential but he is a humanoid that threatens everybody’s life.

ADAM’s unlimited wealth allows him to be very charitable. He helps the human race. He helps save lives. He even helps a poor girl he meets.

ADAM falls in love with a girl he meets in the library when seeking data to enrich his mind. What follows is a complex relationship between human and machine.

What happens to this mainly loveable humanoid that means no harm?

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