Reece in Pieces by Nataisha T Hill

Sometimes Life can Seem Unforgiving...Even for a Child

Reece is the typical child who loves getting surprise gifts and hanging out at the local arcade. Since she is her mother’s only child, being spoiled is a natural thing for her. Her dad and uncle buys her anything she wants, so she rarely has to ask for anything. However, there were times when Reece would get lonely from being the only child, especially when her mother would send her outside for hours at a time during the day.

Reece in Pieces by Nataisha T Hill

For the most part, Reece was still a happy kid. Although her mother-daughter relationship was unusual, she figured her mom was doing the best she could with what she was given. Let her mother tell it, it certainly wasn’t much.

As a kid, Reece didn’t realize that her mother’s unhappiness would lead to a stream of poor decisions. Although Reece was a smart kid, her inability to recognize the seriousness of her mom’s situation would wreak havoc on her well-being. Sadly enough, it only takes one small incident for Reece’s life to snowball into a series of horrific circumstances. It is hard to believe that a child this young and innocent would begin to question her own existence. As life continues to go on, so does Reece’s travesty.

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