So Addictive by David Stubblefield

Destiny Reynolds loves sex, simple as that. Her sex drive is equal to her male counterparts and she indulges in the act with whomever she pleases, craving her treats both hard and soft.

So Addictive by David Stubblefield

At eighteen she delved into the porn industry and began performing in adult movies and shortly thereafter became a sought after actress with a substantial fanbase. Unknowingly though, she also became the target of a delusional stalker obsessed with her.

After the murder of a dear friend rocked her once stable world, she uprooted herself and moved to Houston ,Texas to start a new "normal" life. By chance, or fate, she met Terrance Churchwell, a successful, single, handsome and self proclaimed player who vowed to never do the relationship thing.

That is, until he met Destiny. It was love at first sight. He was completely captivated by her, and she was equally taken by him.A few months later, they were Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Churchwell. Things seemed fine until Destiny's deliberate stalker forced himself back into her life furious with her new love interest. Determined to get rid of her new mate, he sets out to execute his twisted plan by any means necessary, including murder.

Their professed love for each other becomes tested as death threatens both of their lives in this urban story of animal sex, deception, love and murder. Find out if true love really prevails and conquers all in the pages of... So Addictive.

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