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Winter Pink by Anwar Hardin

From fear to joy: one father’s tale of a dream that came true.

All that Anwar wanted was to get a baby with his wife. A boy, a girl, it didn’t matter, he just wanted to hold his newborn after they’ve been trying and failing for so long. He dreamed of the day when his heart would sing with joy while their baby was giggling in his arms. Or crying, that would be fine, too, babies cry. As long as the baby was there, everything would be fine, and better than fine.

But the baby wasn’t coming.

And then she was. His wife told him that she was pregnant.

And the fear and anxiety came.

After so many issues he had experienced in the past – issues that were nobody’s fault, and yet left him heartbroken every time – should he even dare to hope? Was there really a hope that everything would be all right this time, that this precious little being wasn’t going to become one of the lost ones?

Was there going to be a miracle for him and his wife?

The miracle arrived in February, her name is Harper, and this is the story of the 10 months of fear and anxiety that turned to joy, and proved, beyond any doubt, that miracles do happen, and that childbirth is a thing of beauty and wonder from beginning to end.

Read Anwar’s heartwarming tale, a true tale, and dare to hope. Dare to believe. Miracles do happen.

And one of their names is Harper.

What’s the name of your miracle going to be?

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