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The World Ends When The Sun Falls by Sage Maddox

The World Ends When The Sun Falls

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The world is coming to an end, and William, a young gaming addict, is brought to this realization when he is almost killed by a character inside his own video game. He is saved by another gamer and sees bruises on his body when he leaves the game.

The World Ends When The Sun Falls by Sage Maddox

William discovers that he must fight to save the world, but he will need help if he can get anyone to believe him.

He has to go back into the game, find the gamer that saved his life, and somehow save the world. His mission will take him from level to level, from battle to battle till he finds the monster that has come to ruin their world. Never before has playing a game been so important.

A LitRPG/GameLit short story

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