We Worked Out: An Erotic Picture Story by A.J. Booth

We Worked Out: An Erotic Picture Story by A.J. Booth

This is a 19,000 word novella with colour images through out. Sierra can never go back to her regular gym. Her boyfriend and gym manager, Rick, made sure of that when she caught him having sex with a client at work.

We Worked Out: An Erotic Picture Story by A.J. Booth

The humiliation was too much for Sierra to bare, so she found a new place to exercise. This time she decides to steer clear of the gym jocks and make herself a new set of rules: No Looking, No Flirting, No Touching.Seems simple, right? Not quite.

On the first day at the new gym, Sierra meets T.J, the owner and manager. He’s cute, sexy as hell, and very helpful. Sierra pushes aside her sexual urges and concerns about history repeating, and convinces herself he is just a friend, someone who shares a similar past, and dreams of a kindred future.

After an innocent twosome slumber party, Sierra starts to doubt her self-control.

Will she throw her rules out the window or can she keep her eyes, lips, and hands to herself?

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