China Uncovered: The Rise of the Dragon by Remington Gladwell

China Uncovered: The Rise of the Dragon by Remington Gladwell

Coronavirus has pushed the world to question the accuracy of China’s response, and to closely examine the gap between the truth and the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda.

Early missteps by Chinese authorities caused a local outbreak to escalate to a global conflagration, devastating populations and economies worldwide.

China repressed their scientists who tried to alert the world of the dangers of Coronavirus.
The Chinese government actually encouraged thousands of people to travel out of the country to international destinations.

Eyewitness accounts reveal shocking scientific experiments with viruses, but when people blew the whistle, they vanished without a trace.

Major events have rocked the foundation of life.

In less than six months, COVID-19 has created extreme economic devastation and global hysteria.

Countless businesses are bankrupt, and millions of jobs have been lost.

People are beginning to realize that 2020 has changed the world so dramatically that we may never see a return to life as it used to be.

The next major trend is a vaccine for every man, woman, and child.
It is being promoted as the panacea to make us safe again and solve all our problems.

However, the vaccine will be mandatory, whether you agree or not.

Politicians and public health officials have already suspended many of our fundamental liberties.
Their heavy-handed abuse of power has been overwhelming.

So where are we heading?

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