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The Curse of Sabrina Debois by Sylvester Murray

The Curse of Sabrina Debois by Sylvester Murray

The Curse of Sabrina Debois by Sylvester Murray

The Curse of Sabrina Debois followed her family around for centuries afterwards. Known for their healing powers she gave her ancestors; the story of Sabrina and her village became legend. Growing up as a poor girl in Haiti, she was not unaccustomed to difficulties with poverty and natural disasters disrupting her life. She grew up working hard and pursuing her talents in Voudo healing practices until she was well known for her talents.

After a few years Sabrina had everything she could ask for; a home of her own, a fiancé, a business that she could depend on and a happy life. Until tragedy struck one night in the village that would change the course of Sabrina’s life. 

Journey through the Haitian village and observe her first miracle at a young age and observe her meeting the love of her life. Watch the tragedy unfurl through the accounts of eyewitnesses. Finally view the full powers of Sabrina’s curse. A tale that is both interesting and heart-breaking. About a woman who constantly seeks happiness and just about clutches at it before it goes again.

This woman is isolated and mocked by her entire village before and after this tragedy, something hopefully no one has to face in their lifetime. Support her in her goal to find out what happened at this dreadful event while people openly deny it happened or refuse to investigate. 

A tale full of family fun encounters but also awful events that will make you constantly question the justice system of the village in which Sabrina lived. No one is safe in this little Haitian village for much longer after Sabrina realises the true extent of her powers, so you had better stay on her good side!

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