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Astrology for Moors: Map of self by Kashif Bey

Astrology for Moors: Map of self by Kashif Bey

Astrology for Moors: Map of self by Kashif Bey

Astrology for Moors is a description of all of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. You shall learn about all of your likes, dislikes, the hidden you and all of the things that make you unique in life. Welcome to Astrology for Moors...glad you could make it. Thank-you.

From the Author

Astrology for Moors is an extensive book about Astrology which covers everything from Sun sign compatibility, love(which is essentially "relating" to the other person "consciousness" which will be similar to yours) ., Moon placements, chart interpretation, etc.

After reading In Astrology for Moors, the reader should have very few questions in regards to Astrology. It was an amazing experience writing it because it has been a ten year journey for me coming into one big book. It is different from other books because it is a book strictly for the individual person to understand themselves rather than a story or imagination.

Remember a little jewel reader, that many do not even know(especially in the Internet world where there is a lot of confusion/people) even though this book is about Astrology:"when one becomes enlightened... your Zodiac sign no longer even go beyond your Zodiac sign!"( put your ego aside for a

I also want whoever is reading this to know: Always trust yourself and strive to not give your power away to anyone to be manipulated and under there influence... there is no set way to live lifelol... Thank-you in love, also forgive me or others for anything we do in...

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