Deceptive Gods: Confronting the Divine and Demonic (Full Circle Path) by Lorne J. Therrien Sr.

Deceptive Gods: Confronting the Divine and Demonic (Full Circle Path) by Lorne J. Therrien Sr.

Deceptive Gods: Confronting the Divine and Demonic (Full Circle Path) by Lorne J. Therrien Sr.

An eye-opening investigation that challenges everything you know about the Unseen World.
Inside this thought-provoking guide, you’ll join mystic, paranormal expert, and seasoned empath Lorne J. Therrien Sr., as he delves into the deepest secrets of the unseen, bringing to light the true nature of its mysterious inhabitants.

On the mystical path, Therrien experienced the comforting embrace of angels, received visions, and was graced with life-changing spiritual experiences. At the same time, Therrien battled darker-than-night hooded shadows that would attack without mercy and seductive succubi that wouldn’t take no for an answer.

But when his empathic ability detected dishonesty in what appeared divine and he recognized a similarity in the emotional energy of the angels, demons, and the presence posing as God, a red flag was raised. Could Angels and Demons be two sides of the same coin? What other roles can these beings play? Therrien confronts and converses with the divine, the demonic, and the dead to expose the truth.

This book will also teach you:

  • Why angels, demons, and gods do not like to reveal their true form.
  • Favorite tactics of the dark forces, such as the love and light con, the needy spirit trick, the genie trap, flattery, and more.
  • How angels explain the illuminated heart and impart angelic laws.
  • The long-held secrets and forbidden knowledge revealed by demons.
  • What is effective in spiritual warfare and how exorcisms can fail.
  • Why these jealous gods are attracted to humans and how they seduce, fall in love, feed, and destroy our relationships.
  • How the unseen transmit negative thoughts, visions, dreams, and memories to dominate your consciousness.
  • Who the Watchers really are.
  • You need never again fear the forces of darkness because Deceptive Gods will show you what it takes to calm them, repel them, or move through their obstacles to obtain spiritual growth.

Equally gritty and enlightening, this book is a must-read for those seeking personal transformation.

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