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Harry Nostrils and a Mole by Elleon

Harry Nostrils and a Mole by Elleon

Did you know that a mole had sharp teeth or was even considered a predator? After her teacher is laid to rest, a giant mole ventures out into the world of the unknown to fulfill his dying wishes. 

Along the way she comes across many obscure predicaments in the form of Harry, a stray cat looking to reinvent himself in his last life. Harry welds a mystical magical bag which at times could be a delight or a curse. Freshly adopted and ready to guard his new home at all cost is a dog named Nostrildamus. 

Nostrils, is torn between experiencing adventures of a lifetime with the unlikely bunch or playing the role of committed house dog. Escape into the wild with Harry, Nostrils and a Mole.


About the Author

Harry Nostrils and a Mole by Elleon
Elleon is an artist that can magically transform his paintings into books. He is most noted for his comics and had the privilege to have his art work displayed in two art exhibits; Loves vs Hate Good vs Evil and The Visions for the Soul showing in Atlanta. This storyteller expresses thought provoking literature with a unique brand of twist and turns in a brush stroke. You can often find him cooking fine culinary dishes or taking pleasure in answering fans that follow him @AtElleon on Instagram.

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