The Finesser 2 by Patrice Shavone Brown

The Finesser 2 by Patrice Shavone Brown

The Finesser 2 by Patrice Shavone Brown

Passion is on a mission to move on and forget about her ex and all the pain and stress he caused. Now, she’s raising his son, in charge of the business, and finally ready to love again. Unfortunately for her, letting go of the past isn’t as simple as she hopes.

Jody may be behind bars, but he’s not done manipulating. Jody is still cooking up schemes to get what he thinks he deserves. As he straddles the line between heterosexuality and bisexuality for the state, he is hard at work doing everything within his power to interfere in Passion’s life, especially now that she’s fallen for someone else.

Will Passion’s new life teach Jody a lesson in how to treat those he claims to love, or will it only incite more games and manipulation from him?

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