There Be Demons (Andor Demon Wars Book 1) by M. K. Theodoratus

There Be Demons (Andor Demon Wars Book 1) by M. K. Theodoratus

There Be Demons (Andor Demon Wars Book 1) by M. K. Theodoratus

Ace your classes... Make some friends... Slay some demons... Welcome to Britt's day ...

For teenager Britt Kelly, life was tough enough. Her parents' divorce tore her comfortable suburban life apart, forcing her to move to the projects while her mother fought for custody. Now she has to deal with a new home, a new school, and new friends...

And then there's the eerie, old church across the street...

When Britt and her friends look for a quiet place to study, they stumble upon a group of Gargoyles guarding a portal to a sinister realm of evil. Demons struggle to break through the mystic barrier. And once they do,they'll inflict untold pain and suffering upon Britt's world.

But the gargoyles reveal an arcane power, deep in the hearts of Britt and her friends...a power they can use to fight back. These four teens are the Chosen, and they are all that stands between our world and the forces of darkness.

Can they learn to control their magic before it's too late? Or have the demons already sunk their claws into Britt's family…

From the Author
This is the first book in my Andor Demon Wars trilogy. It grew out of my curiosity about what would happen if Gillen, leader of the Trebridge Guardians, actually had to work with Britt. Most of the Andor stories I've published are the result of a publishing contract I once had for this book. Unfortunately the "mom & pop" publisher imploded before There Be Demons saw print.

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