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You Need To Know This Stuff by Craig Jackson

You Need To Know This Stuff by Craig Jackson

This book is an incredible blend of science and spirituality. I almost died twice. I became diabetic. My father, who was my best friend and my rock, passed with cancer. My vision was drastically blurred for over two months. One of my closest friends was put in jail for selling drugs.

You Need To Know This Stuff by Craig Jackson

It just all hit me in a short time. Was it any wonder I developed an anxiety disorder and had daily panic attacks for nine months? But I came through it. After it is over you are blessed. You find a place within you where you can go anytime to find a peace you never knew existed. You know a comfort that very few know. What you thought was the end of your life was just the beginning. You have a strength you didn’t have before. You now know there is nothing you can’t overcome.

That is why during uncertain times like we are going through now, I am still in a state of peace. Nothing can compare to the nightmare I went through. I want to show you how to have the same peace I have without the nightmare. You live in a world programmed by fear. It is hard to escape because almost everyone you interact with, and you, have become a part of this world. It is hard to see a way out. From childhood on this is the only world almost everyone knows. We are so easily influenced as a child we can't even see it need not be this way. Each generation brings the next into this fearful world blinded to there being a way out. The next generation accepts this is the way it must be. It is a vicious cycle...

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