Creativity is contagious : pass it on by Craig michael's

Creativity is contagious : pass it on by Craig michael's

If you have ideas but do not respond to them, you are imaginative but not creative.

Creativity is contagious : pass it on by Craig michael's

Are you a bank of ideas, yet your ideas never become a reality? Are you fond of writing down your ideas, and storing them without taking any tangible step towards achieving them? Do you believe that creativity is a long haul, and it is not for everyone? If you are in any of the above mentioned category, keep reading I have some great news for you.

Creativity is contagious, and you can become a creative person today.

Creativity is far beyond your imaginations, or having tons of ideas, creativity is about making use of the ideas, and processing the thoughts that flood your heart. Creativity leads us to create, and innovate solutions, lead renovation, provide, and supply various solutions to problems around us. Even though the 21st century is relatively known for various innovative ideas, and creativity in different fields and industry, many people are yet still wallowing in their struggle. Many people today struggle to respond to their ideas in the appropriate ways, while some people simply store their ideas in their journals, many do not take note of the numerous ideas that floods their heart, hence they forget and these beautiful ideas never come to reality.

I have observed that the problem with many people is that they seem not to understand what creativity entails, and how to get into the box of creativity. This book is a load of information as regarding creativity, and the following question...

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