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Deaf Like Me by Dave Blackwell

Deaf Like Me by Dave Blackwell

On the first day of his vacation, George is called back to work after a crisis grips the workshop where he works. Guilt tripped by a colleague and idiotic housemate, he reluctantly returns to work.

Deaf Like Me by Dave Blackwell

From the moment he walks in, the very reasons why he had planned a months’ vacation become apparent. Just turned forty, George is profoundly deaf, wears an implant and lipreads.

Never taking anything seriously and has no filters in life, George resorts to turning everything into a joke and releasing his blunt responses on anyone that dares to get in his way or make his hearing disability an issue. With a sarcastic attitude and a short fuse, those around him begin to bring out the worse and he takes no survivors.

Based on true events, this comedy picks at situations old and new from ‘The Frustrations of being Deaf’, slap bang in the middle of a pandemic, where life for a deaf person is complicated and far from ordinary.

Annoyance and comedy that will make you laugh, groan and roll your eyes.

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