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Destruction Of A Nobody by R C Quinn

Destruction Of A Nobody by R C Quinn

Destruction Of A Nobody by R C Quinn

Raegan C Quinn, (alias) is a Tailor and Teacher who had run a successful business from the age of 24. In 1999, she suffered a brutal attack from someone she barely knew, the aftermath of which nearly blinded her. It left her with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and permanent damage to her sight and the loss of her business and livelihood.

This book, her first novel, was part of the healing process that took her on the path to recovery and tells the story of how she avenges the man who changed her life. Have you ever wanted to get back at someone who’d wronged you? Sian did just that…

Based on real life and inspired by true events this book is set in the corrupt underworld of South London and the West End, this is a story of revenge, taken in that special way that only a woman could have thought of. Sian must use her wile, her cunning and her patience against the man who took her kindness for weakness and repay him for his clumsy error in judgement, in full.

The first in a series of books about women who take back control

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