Nightfall by Nicole David

Nightfall by Nicole David

Nightfall by Nicole David

Abandoned by her parents and her son's father, Angie Romero is used to relying solely on her grandmother. Now, a devoted single mom to a three-year-old son, she has found happiness in serving her regulars at the Sunny Side Up diner. Putting a smile on her customer's faces is the usual highlight of her day. When a handsome silver-eyed man shows up one day, everything changes.

Tommy Mercer is now a man of few words now that he's left prison. Growing up Hell's Kitchen, he was surrounded by a warm, loving family. But that all changed the day he was convicted of a heinous crime. Now, he's free but his life will never be the same. Walking into the Sunny Side Up diner to grab a quick bite, he never expected to fall for the beauty with the dark brown curls. What starts as a friendly chat, ends with daily conversations about life.

Angie has vowed to never date again. Yet, the magnetic stranger is always on her mind. Tommy becomes someone on whom she can depend. The only thing is that she knows very little about him. Though she relishes his childhood stories, he rarely talks about his current life. His beautiful silver-grey eyes are filled with sorrow.

When Tommy finally reveals his dark past, Angie is shocked. She is speechless. But can she trust him? And what's more, can she trust her heart?

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