Sense of Song (A Novel of Audible Symbols by Ebony Rose)

Sense of Song (A Novel of Audible Symbols by Ebony Rose)

Sense of Song (A Novel of Audible Symbols by Ebony Rose)


What if Black people, because of our melanin, have special powers? In Sense of Song, Rosemond creates a world where Black people have a sixth sense allowing them to change the world through supernatural songs. Follow the journey of Sam and Taylor, childhood friends who grow into unlikely lovers while traveling the world. By combining their love with Afro-cultural treasures, they return the Sense of Song to the Black community, changing the world forever.

In prose that soars with the musical and poetic traditions of African Americans, Afro-Brazilians and Ghanaians, Ebony Rose demands recognition of the power residing in all people of African descent as she literarily dances between religion and symbols, music and dreams creating an uplifting and unforgettable contemplation on the musical connection between melanin and the supernatural.

Ebony Rose writes to unify and uplift the African diaspora. She fills her creative works with cultural practices from across the African diaspora to cultivate increased understanding and trust between Black people from every corner of the world. Rosemond began traveling internationally and learning languages as a teenager. She wrote Sense of Song while living in a remote fishing village on the Island of Itaparica, Brazil. Rosemond has lived in Ghana, Trinidad, Cambodia, Mexico, and Panama. She, her husband, and two children currently reside in Dakar, Senegal. Rose is a graduate of Florida A&M University and Howard University. She is...

Instagram: @ebonyrosemond

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