Tears of Me by LaToya Martin

Tears of Me by LaToya Martin

Tears of Me by LaToya Martin

That Archaic Tree

Standing there lifeless

Beaten by time

Birds are no longer attracted to thee

Roots are no longer its backbone

Wishing the leaves would cover it

But they have fallen and withered away

That fragile tree

The rain has ignored him

Forsaken by the sun

An outcast to the wilderness

Waiting for its help to come

Help, that it once provided shade for

Standing there lifeless

Still waiting for a return

That lonely, abandoned, tired tree

Our elders

From the Poet:

As a teen, I had more of a love for drawing instead - writing was never interesting to me. In school, I had a particular assignment and that's when I wrote my first poem called "What Love is Like." A lot of my classmates liked the poem and in that moment, I thought, I may be good at this. Years later as many trials in my life began to unfold, I began writing more and more, and overtime my love for poetry grew. It became an outlet for me to be able to release all the emotions I was feeling.

Writing poetry has helped me cope with a tremendous amount of hurt and pain, and it has also helped me to express myself more. It's always my desire to convey positive messages to my readers. It is my goal to teach and spread God's Word through my poetry, so that people who stumble upon my work may find comfort and healing. There is power in words. I want people to be able to view my work and say, "She understands how I feel!" I believe my poems are rays of light, and so my poetry is a reflection of me.

About the Author

LaToya Martin was born and raised in the small town of Boley, Oklahoma. She is the mother of two teenage daughters. Writing was never her passion; she only began writing because of a few homework assignments. Over the years, however, her love for writing blossomed. Her poetry has been published in 3-4 different local magazines and newspapers. When she isn't writing, LaToya Martin loves fishing, visiting haunted locations, and photography.

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