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Chains of Time by R.B. Woodstone

Chains of Time by R.B. Woodstone

Finalist for the 2020 Readers' Favorite Book Award!

Chains of Time by R.B. Woodstone

"A strong literary fantasy novel about race, family, and time-traveling." -- IndependentBookReview. com

On the morning of her wedding in 1859, West African clan princess Amara wakes to find she is blessed -- or cursed -- with the power of prophecy. In her visions, she sees the slaver Van Owen, who will soon arrive on her shores. Her father will challenge the invaders, wielding magic against rifles and whips, and setting in motion Amara's bid for freedom -- a quest that will extend for five generations. But no wait is too long, for Amara can see far into the future, and Van Owen is immortal.

From the past, Amara can only watch as Van Owen hunts her descendants in modern day Harlem -- Terry, 15, the target of a school bully; Regina, 11, who stopped speaking years ago; Jerome, 17, who seems so well-adjusted; and Warren, 26, a down-on-his-luck drifter. But Amara knows what they all have in common: a power they have not yet fully discovered, a power they inherited from her. What she doesn't know is how she can help them in their battle against Van Owen. After all, in their time, Amara has been dead for 70 years!

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