Great Influenza, 1918 Flu Pandemic, How The World Survived A Pandemic by Ruc Publishing

Great Influenza, 1918 Flu Pandemic, How The World Survived A Pandemic by Ruc Publishing


Great Influenza, 1918 Flu Pandemic, How The World Survived A Pandemic by Ruc Publishing

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What Happened In 1918 In Regards To This Pandemic?

"This is the True Story of the Spanish Influenza Pandemic that Swept the United States in 1918. This Highly Infectious, Deadly Pandemic Infected 500 Million People Worldwide, whereby The Great Spanish Flu and Virus was the Deadliest Pandemic in the World’s History."

Where Did This Deadly Virus Come From and How Was It Spread?

After the first World War, many troops and soldiers returned home infected. Although our military personal didn't create the virus, it was said that they contributed to the spread of it in the United States. You see, it's been said that because the soldier's immune system was weak from the battle, they became easy targets and carriers. Ultimately, bringing the virus from the battlefield to the streets and neighborhoods of the U.S. In the early 1990s, after 75 years of research, the most fundamental question about the 1918 pandemic had not yet been answered – why was it so fatal?

What Are The Spanish Influenza's Dangerous Effects?

Spanish Flu is a serious influenza virus that can range in severity from mild to fatal. The first serious outbreak occurred in 1918 when the virus spread around the world in different ways, but mainly via ships where people who inadvertently contracted the virus would mix in different ports where the ship would dock and spread the viral infection to others.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Full History and Facts About The Spanish Flu
1918 Influenza Epidemic Timeline
Where Did The Influenza Outbreak Come From
What Where The Symptoms Of The Great Influenza
How Many People Were Infected
How Many Men, Woman and Children Lost Their Lives
How Did It End
How Does The Spanish Influenza Compare To New Viruses
Much, Much, More!

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