Running from Demons (Andor Demons Wars Book 2) by M. K. Theodoratus

Running from Demons (Andor Demons Wars Book 2) by M. K. Theodoratus

The secret of her past is the only thing that can save her world…

Running from Demons (Andor Demons Wars Book 2) by M. K. Theodoratus

In the mystical world of Andor, Pillar Beccon was nobody special. An orphaned null with no magical ability to speak of, Pillar’s just a normal girl, picking strawberries to save up for her college dreams. But when a demand for her presence promises to reveal secrets of her dead mother's mysterious past, Pillar sets off on a cross-country journey to discover the secret of her heritage.

Little does she know, she’s pursued by a demon…

Grylerrque, a demon commander trapped in Andor, casts a dark shadow over Pillar’s journey. This sinister entity seeks to raise a clutch of deadly demonic imps. And she needs a source of magic to feed her evil brood… a girl from a powerful ancient bloodline. A girl like Pillar…

When Pillar finds her way to an academy for young mages run by her mother's family, she discovers new allies who can help her unleash the power that is her birthright. But will their combined skills be enough to ward off a sudden demonic attack? Or to break the dark spell Grylerrque intends to use to control Pillar?

The price for failure is death. And if Pillar can’t master the power within, Andor will fall before the onslaught of a demonic horde…

About the Author

I've got all this stuff in my computer. A couple of years ago, I turned some practice short stories into Andor ones when I was trying "to build a social media platform" for There Be Demons when it had a contract with a mom & pop indie publisher. Unfortunately, they imploded just as it was There Be Demons' turn to be published. But the world of Andor was born...with its infestation of demons. Ghosts lurk in the background too. But my demon fighters can't sense them. But Dumdie can.

I decided to do TBD last year [2017], even though Running from Demons was ready to publish, because TBD dealt dealt with the end of The Demon Wars of Andor. You can look for There Be Demons on my book list. Each book is a stand alone. [Yeah, I know that breaks the "great promotion rules of selling more books". *shrug*]

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