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The Big Catch by Simon Kyle Parker

The Big Catch by Simon Kyle Parker

Returning to the small fishing community where she grew up, Emma needs to sell the family home to help her aging parents. A work obsessed CEO of the biggest hardware store chain in the nation, she wants this job done and dusted.

The Big Catch by Simon Kyle Parker

But she's stubborn and hard headed. Clashing and falling out with everyone she comes into contact with. Including one of the local cops, who she can't help but keep running into.

Discovering the house is unlivable, her neglected family home will have to be fixed up. After falling out with every builder in town, this is a task she's going to have to take on herself.

Emma remembers how life used to be, and she learns how to be happy again. She discovers not only her childhood home that is rotten on the inside, but herself too. As the home begins to change and revive, so will she.

"The Big Catch" is a romantic novel about women pursuing their dreams in a man's business world, and the balancing of career, duty to family, and the pursuit of companionship and love.

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