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Underground Groundbreakers: Women’s History (EPUB)

Underground Groundbreakers: Women’s History (EPUB)

Underground Groundbreakers: Women’s History (EPUB)

Note: This version of the book is an EPUB file, which works great for your Kindle or any other reading device. It is also available in PDF if you prefer that format.

Underground Groundbreakers is a blog celebrating figures–both in history and today–who have made huge contributions in areas of social justice, women’s history, black history, and more, but were never celebrated for it as much as they deserved. That’s why the tagline of this blog is “Giving unhailed heroes credit that is long overdue.”

This book is the first in a series of themed collections inspired by the various topics covered–politics, baseball, music, and more. This one will focus on the many women who deserve a bigger place in the history books. They range from Pauli Murray, a woman who wore many hats who had a brilliant legal mind and paved the way for more celebrated figures like the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to Florence Price, a gifted composer whose music did not get as much press simply due to her gender and race, with many more in between. These women and their accomplishments will surely leave you inspired!

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