FOR ALL OF US: Making a Wounded Heart Shine Again by Bojan Jurina

FOR ALL OF US: Making a Wounded Heart Shine Again by Bojan Jurina

FOR ALL OF US: Making a Wounded Heart Shine Again by Bojan Jurina

Bojan Jurina had two underlying reasons for writing this book: He didn't want his story to be forgotten, but most of all, there was a moment where he had to unburden his being of all this incredible energy (negative, of course, but eventually also positive) that had accumulated in him in over those years and to get out whatever it was that had to get out. He underwent a profound personal transformation. He had to replace all his existing beliefs, deep-rooted habits, and an entire perspective on the miracle of life. Through his tests, he realized that people are exclusively spiritual beings and that all events have only to be seen from this point of view. You have to expand your awareness to the level of the soul. From then on, everything is different and brighter. Despite all the shocks and challenges, his physical and mental health remained intact, which was not at all a given when considering what life had thrown at him. His firm conviction that many readers can find useful guidelines in his book can help them face challenges more easily in their own lives and find a way forward towards a much more meaningful and joyful life.

In the short period of my life, Bojan practically lost everything he loved. In 2008, his fourteen-year-old son Dominik passed away. In 2009, his daughter, Enja, was born. But he lost her too, on New Year's Eve, 2012. His wife, Branka, was unfortunate enough to have had two miscarriages. He then faced more losses. In 2009, the company he had founded went bankrupt. He lost everything he owned. He was jobless for seven years and lived from day to day, right on the edge of survival. During this period, we moved eight times. Material things aside, the hailstorm of catastrophes sapped his strength, my self-image, self-confidence, even his faith in life.

This book is a story that begins with the depths of sadness but ends with optimism, strength, empowerment, and a bright and fulfilled outlook on life. In his book, he explains the process of complete recovery, which emerges from his personal experience and story. He offers practical advice, emotional counsel, and a bit of spiritual guidance on how readers can, step by step, slowly find a way forward in practically all the essential areas of life. From the complete breaking and loss of practically everything into a new, better and more fulfilling life. Readers can see, understand, and accept that nothing is really over and that everything is still possible. Always.

Bojan has undergone a profound personal transformation in all the major areas of his life, and he believes that readers can identify with what went on, thus find a way to their truth. This goes for people dealing with problems they don't understand well enough yet, as well as for all those who simply want to get much more out of their lives. The book is presented in such a way as to find a way into human hearts, to open them up, and offer them support when needed.

The main question driving this book is this: In the face of complete financial and personal bankruptcy, along with unimaginable personal losses, how do you overcome all the sorrow, doubt, fear, unease, loss of self-confidence and faith, the lack of interest in everything around you (which is a sort of depression) and find your way into a new and better world, full of joy and happiness one step after another? He has done so, and he is honored to share his story and path with others in hopes that he might help them.

This book has a spiritual/inspirational true story that concludes with a basic fact: Life is strictly benevolent. It only wants what is best for us.

About the Author
Bojan Jurina was born in 1967. He is a father, a husband, an athlete, an adventurer, and a businessman. He has a bachelor's degree in economics and started working in a primary multinational business where he got promoted to an executive position. He now works as a Regional Sales director.

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