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Jon B: Are You Still Down? By Dominique Carson

Jon B is an R&B icon. He rose to fame against the odds in the late 90s, and his version of blue-eyed soul has captivated fans and rhythm and blues lovers for over a quarter century.

Jon B: Are You Still Down? By Dominique Carson

Jon started out as a young boy from a musical family with a dream of making it big. From there, he worked with his idol and subsequent mentor, Babyface, who helped him prove the haters wrong, and top the charts. Ultimately, Jon had to deal with backlash about his skin color andcredibility in the R&B hip hop world alone, but he did it, and came out stronger, and morerespected, on the other side.

Jon made history with Tupac, carved his own path, and even released music independentlybefore the rest of the industry hopped on the trend. The fame and demise of his first marriage almost broke him, but ultimately, set him up for his greatest comeback, and a life of love with Danette. “Are You Still Down?” lays bare the proof that Jon B has been, and always will be, a groundbreaking, bonafide R&B star.

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