Divorce? You've Got This, Ladies! By Beth A. Nocar

Divorce? You've Got This, Ladies! By Beth A. Nocar

When Your “Happily Ever After” Suddenly Isn’t Anymore

Divorce? You've Got This, Ladies! By Beth A. Nocar

Going through a divorce is arguably the most difficult time in your life. Let’s be honest, your emotions are all over the place and just getting through each day, hour by hour and sometimes minute by minute, is quite the challenge. I’m here to help!

This book was written by a woman for women. It is meant to be a quick read with its purpose being to provide you with a practical guide to help you navigate the stormy seas of your separation and divorce. Its goals are to inspire and empower you to move forward, embrace your future and create a beautiful, new, exciting next chapter of your life.

This book offers insights into…

- life immediately after the breakup
- coping strategies to deal with the onslaught of emotions
- valuable tips for managing the legal process
- guidance to help your children transition
- embarking upon dating and sex again
- positive transformation

The anecdotes from my journey along with a series of “Profound Moments,” a total of lucky 13 to be exact, will be your life vest to keep you afloat and help calm the waters as you rediscover your inner strength and grow in ways you never thought possible!

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