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Steven by Marvin Curtis Reid

Steven by Marvin Curtis Reid

If you believe a man can't be "abused" this.

Steven by Marvin Curtis Reid

Steven Porter finds himself caught in a vicious cycle of domestic violence and he's the victim. When Steven meets gorgeous model Julie Montenegro on a New York City street corner, he thinks he's struck gold. Rich, famous, and unbelievably sexy, Julie is every man's dream.

Their passionate relationship begins well enough, but there is a dark, sinister side to Julie. For no apparent reason, she explodes and viciously beats Steven, sending him to the hospital more than once. His family is afraid for him, his friends warn him to break it off, but he's caught on an emotional rollercoaster that he doesn't know how to stop. 

With the help of a new love, the church's spiritual guidance, and his growing courage, Steven finally begins to heal both physically and emotionally. But Julie isn't ready to let him go, and her jealousy is turning dangerous. Will he break free from her manipulation, or is his fate already sealed?

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