A Second Home: Book 1 by Mark Xander

A Second Home: Book 1 by Mark Xander

A Second Home: Book 1 by Mark Xander

Romance was a luxury that Henry Bailey couldn’t quite get a grip on. Something that seemed to flow through his fingers like water. Unable to be held. He’d always been the odd one out. Always being the last guy picked when valentine’s day came around. Always been an unlucky soul left to wander the streets alone.

All throughout high school, college and now flowing into his ‘adult’ life, Henry is still looking for someone to love. Someone to hold dear and close. Someone to trust with his own heart. Someone who wouldn’t let him down like every other person seemed to. He just wanted someone.

With a dream to go sailing away, across the globe and back. With a dream that not many wished to be a part of… will Henry finally find his ‘one’ or will fate forever curse him as someone to be left behind and alone?

Find out in the first book of ‘A Second Home’.

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