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Born of the Heart by Angela Jo Townsend

Born of the Heart by Angela Jo Townsend

Born of the Heart by Angela Jo Townsend

Piety Barlow lives in an oppressive village ruled by her father, Reverend Barlow. A venerated man, he appears next to sainthood for his stirring sermons delivered to his devoted flock. But looks can be deceiving—after all, even the devil can quote scripture.

Piety’s ill-fated life seems destined for one of utter servitude, destined that is, until mysterious Mayans from deep within the folds of the Yucatan arrive, magnetic strangers with a desperate message regarding Piety’s imperial heritage—a secret her devout father would break all commandments to conceal.

Alone and terrified amidst a quagmire of lies and uncertainty, Piety seeks comfort in a forbidden affair. But fighting for love in an unaccepting decade isn’t the only battle in store for Piety. She must endure a death-defying journey of self-discovery from her roots of the former emperor of France to the deepest, darkest jungles of a lost empire.

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