Coins for the Skull: A Black Magic Tattoo Novel by Chad Dingler

Coins for the Skull: A Black Magic Tattoo Novel by Chad Dingler

Coins for the Skull: A Black Magic Tattoo Novel by Chad Dingler

Charged with protecting the world, Nicadimus is thrust into mortal danger when he meets the powerful Jessica Shaw. Will he survive long enough to save the world?

Kyle is an ordinary young man working in Japan through a foreign exchange program. Ordinary? Well, nothing about him is ordinary anymore. After a freak accident involving some mysterious ink in the lab, he is imbued with very unusual powers. Originally fearful of its effects, he begins to enjoy his new powers and even craves more.

Jessica is an aspiring artist desperate to make her mark in the art community. Unknowingly coming into contact with the mysterious ink, she is set on a disastrous and life altering path that will change her forever.

Nicadimus is a member of the eternal order of Gatekeepers, a secretive cabal of magicians charged with maintaining the natural order of the world. Based in New Orleans, he is suddenly thrust into a danger unlike any other when he meets Kyle and Jessica. Life will never be the same for him after one violent and brutal confrontation.

Will Nicadimus survive long enough to save the world?

Coins for the Skull is an occult, supernatural thriller that will keep you riveted to your seat as you read from page to page. If you enjoy action, suspense, and magic, this book will not let you down.
Buy your copy now and get ready for a heart-pounding read.
“A THRILLING Read! Filled with intriguing characters and exciting adventure.”
“This is a Supernatural Young Adult Novel that is great for adults too!”

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