Ruth Bader Ginsburg American Justice: A Biography by Maria Shapiro

Ruth Bader Ginsburg American Justice: A Biography by Maria Shapiro

Ruth Bader Ginsburg American Justice: A Biography by Maria Shapiro

How did the tiny Jewish daughter of immigrants from Brooklyn, born at a time when the deck was stacked against her, grow up to be a legend?

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s life shaped her career, and her career shaped her life. From inheriting her mother’s overwhelming passion for knowledge and equality to changing the legal system as we know it, this book travels with Ruth on her journey from Kiki Bader to the “notorious RBG.”

Explore the significant milestones in Ruth’s life, from birth and education to marriage and motherhood, and read how these events affected and shaped her beliefs and career.

Trace the growth of this polarizing figure’s firm belief in JUSTICE through EQUALITY and learn how she strove tirelessly to reach that goal throughout her life.

See all of her ground-breaking “firsts” – from being the first woman on the Harvard Law Review to the first Supreme Court Justice to officiate a same-sex marriage.

Truly start to understand this champion of women’s rights and the impact she made, as well as the legacy she left behind.

Whether you know nothing or everything about Ruth Bader Ginsburg or the ongoing struggle for equality, this book is a way to learn more.
When someone dies, it’s Jewish tradition to say, “May my memory be a blessing.” In Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s case, her memory, her work, and her life are blessings for us all. Click the Buy Now button and read how keeping her memory alive and learning from it will be the foundational rock of our continual battle for justice.

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