You're Doing Everything Wrong: Dating, Marriage, and Divorce: Advice from Deep within the Trenches by David Andrew Jaffe

You're Doing Everything Wrong: Dating, Marriage, and Divorce: Advice from Deep within the Trenches by David Andrew Jaffe

You're Doing Everything Wrong: Dating, Marriage, and Divorce: Advice from Deep within the Trenches by David Andrew Jaffe

Are you failing at everything? Are you dating, married, or divorced, and your life is a total and complete disaster?

It's most likely because You're Doing Everything Wrong! You've been on a thousand dates, and all you're getting from your troubles is grief and misery. Or you're married for some time now, and you couldn't imagine the experience being more miserable and unfulfilling. Or possibly you feel like your life post-divorce is just irritating and depressing, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't worry. I hear everything you're saying and I feel your pain. Me, I've been through it all. Dating was hell. Marriage was miserable and ended in a nasty divorce... And finally, I found myself dating my best friend, followed by a beautiful, happy marriage. With the right guidance, there certainly can be a joyous conclusion to your tumultuous journey as well.

My book is loaded with advice to help you attain a fulfilling and non-overwhelming dating experience. Consider You're Doing Everything Wrong a dating playbook for men and women, helping to stop a vicious cycle that never seems to end well.

With You're Doing Everything Wrong you can finally achieve a loving and meaningful marriage. Yes, marriage is work. A whole lot of hard work. But if you're going about it the wrong way, it rarely ends well.

And finally, you may have been stuck in a marriage of inconvenience for years, but that doesn't mean your divorced life can't be one that dreams are made of. Divorce doesn't need to be miserable. That's just a divorce myth that must die a quick and painful death. You're Doing Everything Wrong will teach you ways to prevent a nasty divorce, the grounds for divorce, how to prevent a codependent divorce, and so much more divorce information that will blow your mind. Your divorce remedy is here!

In You're Doing Everything Wrong, you'll discover:

The real reason dating isn't working out for you
The secret to surviving the chaos of dating
How to break up without breaking down
One shocking marriage secret nobody talks about
Who's really at fault for your failed marriage
How to communicate without your spouse falling apart
If cheating is ever allowed
When it is time to get the heck out of your marriage
The true path to a happy divorced life
How to start over when you feel like there's nothing left

I learned about all of this the hard way. My goal with You're Doing Everything Wrong is to make your life amazing in the easiest way possible. Learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make them yourself!

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